April 7, 2018

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How They Met:

Like most modern love stories, theirs started online. After Soky had sworn off online dating a year prior to trying it again she was very skeptical but when Jeremy asked for her number to give me a CALL (not a text) She knew this was going to be a game changer. Their meeting wasn’t right away, they “e-met” the week of Christmas 2013 and Soky also happened to be leaving on a 2 week trip to Southeast Asia with her girlfriends. Soky + Jeremy talked on the phone for an hour as she packed for her trip and decided that with the craziness of the Christmas and my trip we’d meet when Soky returned home in 2014.

While Soky was out of the country she emailed Jeremy, “Happy New Year from the Philippines” because she somehow thought he would forget about her, he emailed back shortly with, “Happy New Year to you too, hope you’re having fun on vacation- can’t wait to meet you when you get back”

As soon as she landed on January 4th 2014, Soky text Jeremy and they planned our first date for the 9th. That Thursday morning she woke up extremely sick with strep throat. She text Jeremy to reschedule… but Jeremy insisted that we HAD to meet that night since he himself had a trip planned to Arizona that weekend. Jeremy said, “I feel like if we don’t meet tonight we’ll never meet. Just have one drink with me, if you’re too sick you can go home.” Soky warned him how contagious strep throat was and reluctantly said “ok, but I feel awful so it might just be for one drink.” Jeremy honestly thought Soky was just trying to back out of their date but when she showed up to their date with a scarf around her neck, coughing, and a tissue in hand he knew she was being truthful.

Their “one drink” date, turned into a 2 1/2 hour dinner and now Soky + Jeremy have been together for a little over 4 years.

The Proposal (the very shortened version…):

Though the couple live in Costa Mesa, they work out at Corona Del Mar most weekends but their social calendar had prevented their Corona Del Mar visits from happening. For 2-3 months every weekend they were booked solid with baby showers, weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, brunches etc… You name it, they had it on the calendar. Jeremy tried to get Soky to CDM for weeks to propose but had no luck so he had to go to his backup plan- squeeze in an after work proposal.

Jeremy asked Soky to meet him after work at Pacific City for a causal dinner at Bear Flag. He packed the car with their beach chairs and a bottle of wine and said he wanted to eat our dinner on the beach and watch the sunset. Right after sunset he proposed- just the tow of them, on the beach, with the most amazing speech prepared. Soky couldn’t picture a more perfect proposal- it was sweet, genuine and private, exactly what she wanted.

About the Groom:

Jeremy is exactly what Soky mentioned before… a complete game changer. She always thought the cheesy “he’s my best friend, he completes me” thing was absurd. But Jeremy compliments Soky instead of “completing” me and somehow at the same time he’s also the puzzle piece she never knew she was missing. It’s the little things that made her  realize that she got a good one! Like the fact that Jeremy wakes soky up every morning (bye bye alarm clock) and makes sure the coffee is brewed before they both head to work. He also makes sure that their fridge is stocked with my favorite coconut coffee creamer even though he hates coconut. Four years later, not one work day has gone by without his mid-day/lunch time text to ask how her day is going. He really is the ying to her yang. Jeremy is funny (Soky is not), he’s cool calm and collected while she’s fiery and sassy. Even their jobs are completely opposite- Soky is a buyer and Jeremy in sales, But in the end their relationship is such a supportive and loving partnership and they know that together their future will be amazing.

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