November 20, 2019

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Stacy and Vincent had the most intimate and romantic Big Sur wedding at The Bridge House at Glen Oaks Motor lodge. The couple stood in a mandala of flowers, in the center of an ancient redwood grove, circled by their closest family and friends–their concentric circles of love was powerful—Photographing their union was beyond magical.

We worked with wedding planner Diane Allen of Big Sur Weddings & Elegant Events and florist Willow and Plum to pull off this epic day. Check out their gallery of images below!!

Words from STACY + VINCENT

  • What was the inspiration for your wedding day? Vincent and I have been together for 6 years and he had us get rings to signify our commitment to each other. We have worn them for over 5 of our 6 years. We have always felt committed to each other and neither of us felt like we needed to get married. But in late 2017 I was diagnosed with Stage 3c ovarian cancer and I think the thought of losing me shifted things. Vincent wanted to let me know he would be there through it all and so he proposed to me under a gorgeous tree we have at our home after stringing lights and hanging glass balls from the branches. It was truly the most beautiful thing to know he loved me so much. Once I was well (which took 2 years) the inspiration was to celebrate that love that carried us through my healing and our life together…for the rest of our lives.
  • How and why did you pick Big Sur for your wedding? Vincent and I feel at home and at peace in the trees…we looked into a beach wedding first because we live in southern CA and both love the ocean so it seemed like the most logical place. But once we went up to Northern California we just knew it was right. The slow pace, the nature, the ease…it was perfect for us.
  • How and why did you pick your wedding venue? Once we decided on trees we went on adventures up north to several places in our search that were all gorgeous. But once we saw Glen Oaks we just knew. Glen Oaks has this beautiful intimate feeling we were looking for. It was magical. The minute we got to the property we we mesmerized. There were no compromises at Glen Oaks…everything was exactly perfect for us.
  • How did you make your wedding day special and make it about the two of you? We knew we wanted our wedding to be like our relationship…easy and full of intimacy and love. We wanted to be able to enjoy all of our favorite people and have meaningful moments so a normal one day wedding where it all goes by so fast wouldn’t lend itself to our vision.  Our dream became to have an intimate weekend getaway wedding in the trees with just our closest family and friends all staying in cabins; having relaxed meals, sharing stories and s’mores around a bonfire and then the most intimate and meaningful wedding celebration. To include everyone we brought rocks for everyone to write messages to us which they gave us during the ceremony and placed in the mandala of flowers we were standing in. Having everyone participate made it extra special.
  • Most memorable moment (s) of your wedding day?
    Groom: Holding her hands, looking into her eyes, during the ceremony, trying to never forget that moment… Most surprisingly amazing moment: The boys making their speech, embracing Stacy as part of my life!
    Bride: The entire weekend was the best of my life. If I had to choose one moment that stands out to me it was right after the wedding. We walked out of the circle of trees by ourselves and after we laughed and cried and said “we did it!” Vincent held me and time stood still. In that small moment our love and connection felt like it filled the entire earth and heaven. It felt like him and I and an entire lifetime in a moment. 
  • What was your favorite part about the wedding planning process? We both independently said the exact same thing to this question! We loved all the trips we took together driving up North on pch and taking our time to find the perfect spot. We spent hours in the car together just talking and being awe inspired by the nature and having simple moments together. Our love grew even more during the planning process.
  • Any advice for those planning now? oh my goodness YES! 1. Truly believe that you can make whatever your vision is come to life. 2. Do exactly what feels right for you and your partner. Have your day reflect who you are together. If you want an intimate wedding do it and then have a big party for everyone after!!! 3. Collaboration is key! I loved that our wedding had both my husband and I reflected in it…we truly collaborated on all of the details and in the end it made it super special for us both 4. Definitely hire a good wedding planner. I cannot recommend Diane Allen of Big Sur weddings more highly! She took care of all the operational details and pretty much walked us through everything. She knows all the best vendors in Big Sur! She made our day perfection! 5. Hire the BEST photographers! Do not try to “save money” on the one thing you will have for the rest of your lives together to remind you of your day! We LOVED The Delauras! They are unique bc they are a husband and wife team who shoot video and photos!!! They are amazing and so talented and delightful and worth every damn penny! 6.One of the comments we received most was about how good the food was! My husband and I are foodies so it was really important to us that we love the dinner. We drove up to Big Sur for a tasting and I highly recommend doing that!!! A Touch of Elegance Catering in Monterey was exquisite from start to finish. Our tasting was a delicious collaboration and exploration of what was possible. We were able to tweak it to fit us perfectly. Most of our friends said they rarely eat wedding food but that ours was so yummy! Class act! 7. A great florist who gets you vibe is paramount. Willow & Plum understood exactly what we wanted and she far exceeded all my dreams for the flowers and design! 8. Trust that it will all work out exactly as it is supposed to. That all the people that are meant to be there will be. 9. Try to be as fully present in each moment. It all goes by so fast so take mental snapshots to stay in the moment. 
  • Music
    • Processional: 
    • Groom: AC/DC “Hells Bells” 
    • Bride:Crystal Gale & Eddie Rabbit Just You and I
    • Recessional: Prince “Kiss”
    • First Dance: a mash up of “TRUE” Spandau Ballet, “SHE’S COUNTRY” Jason Aldean and then a remix version of TRUE!
  • How was your experience working with The DeLauras?? The Delauras far exceeded our expectations by miles!!!! Being in production Vincent has very high standards and was skeptical but throughout the day he kept saying how impressed he was with them!!! They put us at ease…they obviously technically knew exactly what they were doing but at the same time were just down to earth and real. They felt invested in our day and went above and beyond truly. We wouldn’t have changed a thing!!!!!

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