May 1, 2018

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They met on an online dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel. For years Erin was so against the idea of meeting somebody online and genuinely wanted to meet somebody organically, in a Starbucks line or at a concert perhaps. Well years went by and that never happened, so she let her guard down and decided to try the online dating thing. She went on a few dates before Andrew, all of which were dull and fairly boring. There was no chemistry with anyone and frankly by the end of the night, she was happy to go home. That was until she met Andrew.

Andrew and Erin met on St. Patrick’s Day of 2015. Erin was not super excited to be going on another date, but reluctantly put her pride aside and met Andrew at her favorite tapas restaurant just outside Boston. When she walked in the door, she knew she had made the right decision to go. Erin saw a tall, handsome (stranger at the time) in a sharp coat standing in the doorway. They quickly introduced themselves and sat down at their table. Erin + Andrew talked for 2 hours without a lull in the conversation, eating and drinking wine. She was nervous so she didn’t eat much, but Andrew had no problem consuming all of the tapas they ordered. She was impressed by Andrew’s sports background, choice to leave home for high school, and knowledge of travel. She was totally intrigued by him. For the first time in a long while, she did not want this date to end.

They migrated down the street to an Irish Pub (it was St. Patrick’s Day after all!) and had a nightcap, all the while continuing to talk and getting to know each other. At the end of the night, they walked outside and Andrew gave Erin a kiss as they parted ways. He texted her shortly afterwards saying he had a great time and wanted to see her again that weekend. Erin had plans with a girlfriend that Friday night and promptly called her, told her she met a guy, and that she needed to see it through. She wasn’t dating much at the time, so she was thrilled. She went on their 2nd date and the rest is history.

They saw each other 5-6 times a week after that and have been inseparable ever since. 2.5 years later Erin is engaged to the love of her life. Andrew has shown Erin more love than she has ever known. He has been compassionate, caring, and affectionate towards her, but also has a knack for challenging her at the same time. Andrew has planned trips for the couple all over the world, spending hours researching and making sure they were safe while also having fun. The couple both love to travel, so Erin figured when they got engaged they would be would be on the other side of the world. What Andrew planned was so much more special. Erin’s family goes to Block Island every summer for a week, Andrew had been the past couple of years and knew how special this place was to Erin’s family. He asked Erin’s dad permission to marry her in February of 2017, planning every detail until they finally got engaged on 6/30/17. He arranged for her best friend, aunts, uncles, and his entire family to be there without her knowledge of the upcoming event. He tricked Erin into getting her nails done, wearing a white outfit, and actually dressing up on Block Island where the dress is very casual. Everyone he invited was in on the surprise and they played their parts wonderfully.

ERIN HAD NO IDEA. They arrived back from the nail salon on a Friday night. Erin’s best friend was pregnant and going to a wedding the next day, so she convinced her this was the best way to spend our time before dinner. Her sister was there as well, insisting on doing her makeup “because it will be fun.” Once they arrived back at the house, Andrew came out of the side door dressed in a suit and said “Remember that birthday gift I never got you?” He led her down a grassy slope, hand in hand, to a picnic that he had set up in the yard complete with champagne flutes and Dom Perignon. He got down on one knee and asked Erin to marry him. She started crying, feeling absolutely flooded with emotions. She could not have been more overjoyed. As it turns out, Erin never actually said YES, but of course she meant YES! When she looked up, she saw both of their families watching from the tall glass windows upstairs and Andrew’s brother and Boston friend taking photos in the downstairs windows. Erin could not even believe it. Everyone rushed outside and they was absolutely thrilled. Andrew and Erin’s dad had arranged a catering company to come and they celebrated into the night with champagne, guitars, and old & new families coming together.

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