May 4, 2018

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A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of photographing these two adorable love birds in and around Laguna Beach. From Laguna Canyon to Top of the world–this windblown chilly springtime engagement session was one of our favorites we’ve had the pleasure of shooting in a long time. Brianna and Andrew were so cute together, they laughed and giggled the entire day. You could feel their love when they looked at one another, when they shared stories of how they met, and as they talked about their future together! Their love was beyond sweet and so fun to capture!  Brianna didn’t hesitate when we told her to run and jump into Andrew’s arms, and they just laughed when we told them to pretend to be bumper cars as they walked the trails–they were just so sweet together!
The couple met at Point Loma Nazarene University, which is Kendal’s alma mater–chatting about PLNU brings back so many amazing memories from her own college experience, so photographing this Andrew + Bri’s wedding is super special for us!!! We can’t wait to photograph Andrew + Brianna’s wedding this upcoming May!!!


Meeting – Brianna’s version: Okay. Haha. I went to a party at Joel Aldous’ with my girlfriends with boys being the last thing on my mind. I was talking to somebody close to a pool table when all of a sudden, the person playing drew the queue back and almost hit me. I had to dodge it, which landed me straight into a conversation with Elena and this blonde, surfer-looking boy. I was very distracted by his good looks and hardly heard a word he said. Trying to be funny, I introduced myself as B-Money. He laughed and clearly it worked because here we are! Him and his friends were leaving but invited us to their next stop at another friend’s house. I played it cool and said, “Yeah I’ll probably stop by”. But immediately after he left, I looked at Elena and said “we’re going”. Eventually we ended up at Jack’s house and Andrew and I didn’t waste any time picking up in conversation. We ended up talking for the next couple hours while there was a party going on around us. Next thing we knew it was midnight and time to leave. As we were leaving, Andrew asked if I had a boyfriend. When I answered no, he asked if he could take me to dinner (for our generation, that’s uncommon) and also for my number. Going into the night, I had predetermined that I wouldn’t give any guy my number, but I was so impressed by him that I couldn’t say no. (: 

Meeting – Andrew’s version: Word on the block was there was some beautiful blonde transfer that had gotten lots of guys’ attention, and I happened to know her roommate. I often asked her, “Hey, is your roommate single yet?”. I don’t think she enjoyed that question very much. This must have started sometime during my junior year. One night, a friend had a birthday party at Pizza Port, Brianna was sitting next to me. I tried talking to her (not flirting with her) but she would have none of it. Safe to say, I was shut down. To this day, she has suppressed this memory and has no recollection of ever meeting me that night. I blame it on Bobby Grich…there was an Angels game on the TV. Fast forward to April 16, 2016, to the day, it was three weeks before I graduated. I was in the car with some friends on the way to Joel’s when, low and behold, Brianna Grich popped in my mind. I said, “I’m just waiting for that Brianna girl to become single”. Almost immediately, somebody mentioned, “Oh dude, she’s been single for like three weeks”. So we got to Joel’s house and I found myself talking to Elena, Brianna’s friend. Then this blonde girl intruded into our conversation and said “HI! I’m Brianna. You can call me Brianna! Or B! Or B – Money!”. When I realized who it was (she had never met me before, even though I had met her) I thought I might have a second chance (which to her was really first chance). I left but invited her to Jack’s house, where we would be the rest of the night. I was there for about 45 minutes, maybe an hour, and thought I had for sure been blown off. Then in walked this posse and I offered them my chair next to the fire. Sure enough, one of them was Brianna. We struck a conversation and it lasted nearly three hours. While we were sitting outside, waiting for our rides home (all our friends left us) I said, “Sooooo, while we were talking you mentioned that at the time you had a boyfriend. Does that mean now you don’t?”. She said, “yes, you’re right”. So I asked her to dinner and when she said yes, I got her number too. This is how we met. 

Dating: After they met, they hung out nearly every day. Like mentioned before, they met three weeks before Andrew graduated. Well Brianna was invited to the graduation celebrations and warmly welcomed. I mean, it’s hard to not love her. Andrew told his mom that he she was like his “trophy at the finish line of college”. They “talked” for about eight weeks until they became boyfriend/girlfriend. They dated for the last two months of summer until Brianna went back to Point Loma for her last year of undergrad and Andrew went up to Redding for the school year to attend BSSM. Long distance was difficult, but they learned so much. They grew in communication and in pursuing one another, despite mismatched schedules and different seasons of life. They spent the past summer in San Diego, Brianna finishing teaching credential classes while Andrew was a lifeguard for San Diego City Fire-Rescue. Against all odds, as summer ended, they found themselves in Redding, both attending BSSM, each living in houses with five roommates. The future looked promising. Dating life was good, but it served its purpose. Hint, it was time to move on…(to engagement).

Proposal: It all went down on Thursday, December 21st. But it started the Saturday before when Andrew went ring shopping with his parents. To make a long story short, the first ring they looked at was exactly what Brianna dreamed of…a rose gold, solitaire setting with an oval diamond. It was found and purchased within a few hours, the purchase contemplated over some Golden Spoon. As Thursday approached, the whole plan was completely a surprise to Brianna! She literally had no idea. They went to Strands, a beach in Dana Point, and set up a sunset picnic with wine, cheese, and crackers. Andrew asked a friend to hide and take photos so they could capture the moment. Around 4 in the afternoon, Andrew started sharing with Brianna all the reasons he loves her. Brianna said, “Wow this is a fun game. You’re being awfully sweet. I could get used to this.” Andrew used it as transition, and said, “Well, you better get used to it!”. As he rolled over to getting on one knee, he said those magic words: “Brianna, will you marry me?”. Obviously completely shocked, she threw her arms around him and could only squeal. Words tried to come out, but there weren’t any, only noises and hand gestures. She began to kiss him, but he said, “Wait! Let me put the ring on!”. They kissed and hugged and actually didn’t cry. That settled in throughout the following days. She said yes, by the way(:
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