October 31, 2018

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  • What was the Inspiration for your destination wedding? We like to consider ourselves non-traditionalists so we always knew we wanted something unique, small, and very personal. Our desire to root our marriage in adventure, intimacy, and new experience coupled with knowing our honeymoon was going to be in Europe lead us to have our ceremony there too!
  • How and why did you pick your destination wedding location and venue? We originally envisioned our wedding being in the Swiss Alps but some logistical issues with planning that from across the world and serendipitous google searches took us to the Sanspareil Rock Gardens in Germany (a venue featured on Peach Perfect Weddings which ended up being our planning service). It worked out for the better since my (Steph’s) grandmother is from Germany and Jose speaks German (trilingual—what a catch!). Sanspareil was the perfect blend of outdoors, beauty, and history that we were looking for, complete with a cute little cafe for coffee, cake, and German beer after our ceremony.
  • What special details did you include in your destination wedding?? We have to contribute the special details to Kendal!! She is so well-versed in this destination wedding stuff that she was messaging us with ideas and came up with what ended up being the BEST part of our day. We all got to wake up in the Schloss Sommersdorf (Sommersdorf Castle) in Bavaria to have a formal breakfast with the Baron and Baroness, get ready with some spectacular views, and tromp around the castle grounds with some breathtaking photos of our first look….the place was built in the 1300s! Outside of that, we found that the best and most memorable details of our day were in all the things we left unplanned. We aren’t big sticklers for details (which lead to Steph not loving the florals of our day), but allowed us to have an impromptu experience with a beautiful flock of sheep in the countryside! Can’t complain.
  • How did you make your wedding day special and make it about the two of you?? We literally just did everything we envisioned along the way regardless of everyone else’s opinions. So grateful we did because our day was really just about us and we were able to be present for every moment—our dream.
  • Most memorable moment (s) of your wedding day? Groom: The most memorable moment was a series of moments, from first seeing my bride in her beautiful dress at the first look, to having the time to enjoy the day including having impromptu photo shoots in the Bavarian countryside. If I had to choose one moment though, it would be the ceremony and breaking down when having our vows (it just means I love her more!). It was a beautiful day and i enjoyed every moment of it.  Bride: There are too many to list! Putting my dress on with my grandma and my sister present was very special, and then seeing Jose see me for the first time during our first look melted me. Having stops along the way to the ceremony for countryside photos was so fun and spontaneous (totally my style) and it just made everything feel so natural. The culmination of the day was exchanging our vows, though. I truly felt like it was just the two of us and it was the most beautiful, surreal moment of my lifetime so far.
  • What was your favorite part about the wedding planning process? Since Jose didn’t do much in terms of planning, this is a Steph question! And I gotta say, planning a wedding is not something that is my cup of tea (hence, elopement). There was much more to planning our small ceremony than I thought there would be so my favorite part was having a wedding planning service take care of most of it for me!
  • Any advice for those planning now? The only advice we feel is appropriate to give is just to stay true to you as a couple, and that looks different for everyone. Hire the right people for the parts you care most about and don’t get too caught up in the stress because it does come and go.
  • How was your experience working with The DeLauras?? What did you love and what could we improve upon??! Good lord, we TRULY LOVE the DeLauras!! Photos AND video were so important to us and it’s so cool that these two do both. Beyond the obvious, Kendal almost doubled as a wedding planner throughout the process (don’t want to over-commit her here!) and helped provide so much additional support and tips throughout it all. They do this all the time and have such a knack for attention to detail, as well as amazing professional and interpersonal skills. We think it’s important to choose people who you naturally vibe with and we are happy to say we’ve made genuine friendships with them throughout this journey. Wouldn’t change anything about them!
  • Anything else you want to add???? Just that Steph would *almost* do it all over again thanks to the DeLauras and that’s saying A LOT!!

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